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  • 10.24.2017 –?7th Annual UNIT Pumpkin Carving Contest








    Does A Witch Nose Best?


    At UNIT, we offer multi-face-ted solutions to brands, so join us and share some witch's nose-talgia in our 7th Annual UNIT Pumpkin Carving Showdown! We have created templates for you to pick from (don't go too deep), select the one that best fits your spirit and carve away.

    Pick your witch, and customize with your favorite haunting accessories.

    Design Your Witch:


    1. Download a template by clicking on your favorite pumpkin or click here.
    2. Customize with accessories.
    3. Post your carving on our Facebook page or #UNITHalloween17 on Instagram.


    On Halloween, we’ll choose a winning carving for a prize!



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  • 06.14.2016 –?UNIT partners Featured as a 2016 Top San Francisco Branding Agency

    Recently, UNIT Partners was featured highly among an evaluation of San Francisco branding agencies by Clutch. San Francisco is known as a hotbed for creative agencies with a heavy focus on design and branding, so differentiating between them has always been a challenge. Which is why we are honored to have been selected as one of the five top San Francisco-based branding agencies who are developing compelling and effective solutions for our clients.

    In case you were wondering, Clutch is a Washington DC based B2B services research firm that reviews companies in the design, marketing, and IT services industries. Clutch’s proprietary rating algorithm takes a number of factors into account when reviewing agencies, including previous work, client base, and proven ability to deliver on past branding, digital strategy, and design projects. With these factors in mind we were mapped against the other top performing agencies in Clutch’s Leaders Matrix.

    One of the most exciting aspects of inclusion in Clutch’s research, was getting to read what our own clients had to say about their experience working with us. We are very grateful to Ryan Cole, of Hi Neighbor Hospitality, who completed a case-study styled interview with Clutch analysts. Here’s a snippet of what Ryan had to say:

    It always nice to get third-party recognition of our work, but the ultimate reward is when we hear directly from our clients about the impact we’ve had on their business. We’d encourage you to check out UNIT Partner’s full Clutch profile and read Ryan’s review here.

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  • 04.03.2014 –?UNIT partners Completes Rebrand of Epiphany Center

    UNIT partners has recently completed a rebrand of Epiphany Center, a holistic community care center. The rebrand includes a logo, stationery system, upgraded website and newsletter.

    Initial work on the rebrand began in May 2012. The various brand elements began rolling out in January 2013 with the website launching late summer 2013. The Epiphany Center’s programs and services have adapted over its 160-year history to meet the changing needs of San Francisco’s most vulnerable families. As a result, the agency lacked a visual brand that accurately represents its offerings. The absence of a logo and brand standards had impeded the agency from clearly communicating its purpose and benefits to potential donors, clients, and the community at large.

    In order to communicate more effectively, and stay relevant through future evolutions, the new brand was designed to focus on Epiphany Center’s overall objective of serving at-risk families and not specific programs or services.

    UNIT focused the brand visual on the importance of the connection between a parent and child on the path to recovery and wholeness. The two hands coming together represent this connection. In addition, the logo itself represents an "epiphany" moment for the viewers as a candle with spark is formed in the negative space between the two hands. This candle represents the guiding light for children and parents on their journey to building strong relationships. The central spark is reflective of the client's epiphany moment that happens as a result of participation in Epiphany programs. The spark provides a nod to an abstract cross to represent the faith behind the organization.

    Continuing the idea of an epiphany moment from the identity, UNIT focused on developing surprise moments throughout the stationery system and website. Each element of the stationery system introduces a relevant part of the Epiphany Center story through its individual reveal.

    The website provides a more information-rich reveal with the use of rollovers. On the homepage, they immediately hit the viewer with relevant facts about women and children in need. Upon rollover, they flip that fact with information about Epiphany Center's results and approach. Throughout the site, images are initially displayed with a depressing tone and again upon rollover they show in true color to provide a hopeful and positive outlook.

    UNIT partners helped the Epiphany Center develop an effective visual brand and a communication solution that helps them reach out to clients, employees, donors and the community at-large. To check out how UNIT partners helped rebrand the Epiphany Center, visit: http://unitpartners.com/epiphanycenter_rebrand

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  • 03.28.2014 –?UNIT partners adds new clients to the roster

    We are proud to announce three new clients have joined the UNIT family. Each client adds to the diversity of the existing UNIT client family. From brand development and refreshes, to on-going marketing support and advertising campaigns, UNIT will be partnering with these clients across a multi-disciplinary list of projects.

    Please join us in welcoming the following clients home.

    MINA Group


    McKesson Corporation


    San Francisco Soup Company


    We're looking forward to long-lasting partnerships with each of these clients. 


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  • 02.11.2014 –?UNIT partners & Stones Throw Restaurant Branding Partnership

    UNIT partners named Stones Throw restaurant Brand Agency of Record
    Full Service Agency Creates Emotive, Engaging Brand Experiences in the restaurant, hospitality and resort industries

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (February 11, 2014) – UNIT partners, a multidisciplinary branding agency and graphic design firm specializing in strategy, brand awareness and brand design consistency is now the brand agency of record for Stones Throw restaurant in San Francisco.

    The appointment with Stones Throw is an exciting, and truly collaborative partnership, according to UNIT partners co-founder/creative director Shardul Kiri. “We are a full-spectrum branding services partner who thoroughly understands the importance of developing solutions that translate to all communication mediums. What we do best is tell a brand’s story, and the hospitality and restaurant industries have rich content we can utilize to help them connect all their parts to make an impactful whole. We are thrilled that Stones Throw has chosen to work solely with us to create a meaningful restaurant brand experience for their guests.”

    “Food, restaurants, resorts and hospitality brands exemplify the best of UNIT partners,” says co-founder/creative director Ann Jordan. “We are creators of emotional connections, and what can be more emotional than nourishing your body and soul, and relaxing your spirit? We develop every interaction touch point through diversity, design and space aesthetics, creating a memorable and engaging experience on multiple levels with our client’s guests.”

    As a flexible, expedient and collaborative brand strategy and design partner, UNIT partners is responsive to clients’ needs while being mindful of nuances that connect the larger picture.

    Partner and acting general manager of San Francisco restaurant Stones Throw, Ryan Cole, echoes those sentiments. “We brought UNIT partners on board at the beginning of our project. They asked all the right questions and took an all-encompassing look at the big brand picture based on visual. Every turn at Stones Throw creates the emotion we were looking for to connect with our guests. From the playful bathroom signage to the way a guest check is presented, UNIT partners was spot on with the entire branding package.”

    Cole went on to say, “ The team at UNIT partners understood our time constraints, always looked out for the best interest of our brand, and consistently over-delivered for us at Stones Throw. It is the perfect partnership for our restaurant.”

    UNIT partners work covers a full spectrum of branding services including logo design, website design, environments, marketing collateral, packaging design, applications, brand strategy, copy writing and trade shows. They work with new businesses creating entire strategy from start to finish, and also work with clients who need a firm to seamlessly fit additional elements into a campaign that already exists.

    Based in San Francisco, California, UNIT partners embraces a diverse client base that includes Herbalife, Mina Group, Kia, Harry & David, Old Navy, Stones Throw restaurant and Tsubo.

    # # #

    About UNIT partners

    A multidisciplinary branding agency and graphic design firm specializing in brand strategy, brand awareness and brand consistency through impactful logo and graphic design, packaging design and space aesthetics.

    Founders and creative directors Ann Jordan and Shardul Kiri began UNIT partners in 2006 with the philosophy that the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. This holistic business approach allows for transformation focused on intense client collaboration and uncompromising creative excellence.

    Developers of solutions that translate to all communication mediums, UNIT partners work covers a full spectrum of branding services including, but not limited to, logo design, website design, environments, marketing collateral, packaging design, applications, brand strategy, copywriting and trade shows.

    UNIT partners is a member of AIGA, the professional association for design, and the Designers Accord, a coalition of designers, educators and business leaders working together to create positive environmental and social impact.

    Media Contact: Kristin Koca McLarty, KKM PR, 415-722-2055 or kkmclarty@gmail.com

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  • 10.21.2013 –?UNIT named Sola Bee Farms Brand Agency of Record

    Trevor Tauzer, founder of Sola Bee Farms, has announced that the company has named UNIT partners to be their Brand Agency of Record.

    Claire Maygren, known as the Queen Bee of Sola Bee Farms, said of the partnering, “We chose UNIT because they provide our company an amazing strategic insight. They truly understand the importance of branding which has helped us to create a compelling brand experience for our customers. They have an unmatched ability to understand our business and then create unique ideas to enhance our brand.”

    UNIT partners shares this enthusiasm and is happy to be a partner with Sola Bee Farms. One of the founders, Ann Jordan stated, “UNIT is glad to partner with a company that understands the importance of developing a unique and compelling brand. UNIT is focused on finding the essence of our clients’ services or products in order to develop a relevant and extraordinary brand experience.”

    Sola Bee Farms originally hired UNIT to complete their initial brand development—including naming, identity system, e-commerce website, and product packaging. Based on the great success of their partnership, Sola Bee Farms decided to retain UNIT as Brand Agency of Record.

    Sola Bee Farms is in business to provide quality bee products to customers in a sustainable, earth friendly way. They offer a variety of honey products that display their dedication to high quality. The different flavors of honey do not come from artificial flavoring but from the way in which the pollination occurs. Sola Bee Farm's products are sold in a vast number of stores in California and New York including Whole Foods.
    Sola Bee Farms has named UNIT partners as their Brand Agency of Record.

    Marketing Team Leader of Whole Foods Market Davis, Kristen Tantarelli stated, “Whole Foods Market Davis is honored to feature such a beautifully-designed and wonderful tasting product on our shelves. We were delighted to partner with Claire and Sola Bee upon our opening to help highlight our commitment to local vendors and their products. We look forward to the continued partnership and product growth.”

    About UNIT partners:
    UNIT partners is a multi-disciplinary branding Agency and graphic design firm with a simple goal — help brands reach their full potential. Founded in 2006 by Ann Jordan and Shardul Kiri, UNIT believes that the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. UNIT's holistic approach drives business transformation by focusing on intense client collaboration and uncompromising creative excellence. Understanding the importance of developing solutions that translate to all communication mediums, UNIT's work covers a full spectrum of branding services, including logo design, websites, environments, marketing collateral, packaging design, applications, brand strategy, copywriting and trade shows. Based in San Francisco, UNIT has a diverse client base that includes Kia, Herbalife, Harry & David, Old Navy, and Tsubo. UNIT is a member of AIGA, the professional association for design, and the Designers Accord, a coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders working together to create positive environmental and social impact.

    About Sola Bee Farms:
    Sola Bee Farms is an environmentally friendly, family-run brand making hand-crafted, premium bee goods. Based in Woodland, CA, Sola Bee Farms is a division of Tauzer Apiaries and was founded in 2011. Sola Bee Farms was created with the goal of bringing healthy, sustainably harvested honeys and other bee goods to consumers while educating them on the benefits of bees and advocating sustainability. Sola Bee Farms is dedicated to the environment, employing solar power to run their processing facilities, and utilize all the byproducts of harvesting in their goods. To learn more about Sola Bee Farms, visit their website, http://www.solabeefarms.com.

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  • 03.08.2013 –?UNIT partners Named Winner in Latest HOW International Design Awards

    UNIT partners is proud to annouce the Sola Bee Farms Honey Packaging was chosen as one of 242 award-winning designs in the most recent HOW International Design Awards. This highly selective and well-regarded competition sponsored by HOW magazine, now in its 20th year, recognizes outstanding creative work produced by individuals and creative agencies from around the world.

    A team of design-industry veterans judged nearly 1,000 entries in 15 categories, and selected winning projects that demonstrated an ideal mix of concept, strategy and execution.

    Entries were judged according to these criteria:
    · How well does the entry communicate?
    · How well does the entry achieve the client’s mission?
    · How memorable or unique is the entry?
    · How strong is the entry aesthetically?

    International Design Awards is a global creative competition; each year, winners represent countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

    All winning projects will be prominently featured in the March 2013 issue of HOW magazine. 

    featured work:
    client: Tauzer Apiaries
    project: Sola Bee Farm Honey Packaging




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  • 10.24.2012 –?2012 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates

    This is the time of year to celebrate the super villain in all of us. But beware! When evil lurkes around every corner, you might find yourself surrounded by devilish design solutions and miscreant marketing ideas. If this happens, who are you going to call? Not Ghostbusters, but...UNIT!

    Download one or all of our sinister pumpkin carving templates and haunt your house this Halloween with a super villain of your choice:

    Darth Pumpkin                             Jason Gourd                                 Joke-R-Lantern

    IF YOU DARE, release your inner bad guy by sharing photos of your evil carvings on UNIT's Facebook page. Upon judgement day, the UNIT team will vote on all the entries tp pick our favorite. A ghoulish bottle of wine will be presented for the most sinister entry.

    For extra protection against dark forces, we recommend you follow us on Facebook. You’ll be able to track our whereabouts and have access to top secret design information to keep you out of trouble.

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  • 05.24.2012 –?Effective Branding... Explained! - UNIT presents workshop at San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

    How do you develop a successful brand? There are three key components to help you get there, define your company, develop your brand story, and execute against your brand strategy. During this interactive workshop, UNIT partners will guide you through a series of exercises and methodologies that will put you onthe path to brand success.

    UNIT partners, Ann Jordan and Shardul Kiri, led an interactive workshop at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce for the Business Success Series. The attendees worked through a strategic framework to better understand their market landscape as a means to define their company, develop a brand position, and execute upon a strategy.

    click the image to download presentation:


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  • 03.03.2012 –?UNIT partners honored with 22 awards for excellence in LOGOS 1.

    Publishing history was made recently with the release of LOGOS 1, the first-ever creative compilation produced exclusively as an eBook. UNIT partners was recognized with 22 awards for excellence in logo design, including our work for ZoLi, TachTech, Sound Foundation, LiQWd, Chinatown Community Development Center, Approved Appraisers, presh jewelry, R3R, re:vive bodywork, and Micro/sys.

    David E. Carter, producer of LOGOS 1, has created over 110 creative compilations on logos, graphic design, and advertising and is the top-selling producer of books in the history of graphic design. UNIT is honored to have been recognized by David E. Carter and have our work published in his inaugural eBook.

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