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UNIT Partners Packaging Design in San Francisco, CA

Our design firm will work with your company to create an effective product. We will work with you every step of the way.

At UNIT partners we firmly believe in establishing a package design that not only suits your brands' needs but is also functional for the product you are trying to sell. Consumers want to purchase a product that works effectively but is also visually appealing. The consumer will tend to remember what the packaging looks like so having an effective and unique design is important.


Reasons Why Product Packaging is Important:


  1. Appearance sways consumer purchase habits (i.e. different colors can provoke certain emotions in individuals).
  2. It differentiates your brand from competitors that are in the same industry.
  3. It helps create brand recognition.
  4. Packaging design can be used a marketing tool that you can use to convey your brand.


Tips for Creating the Best Packaging Design:


  1. Know your demographic in order to create packaging that appeals to potential consumers.
  2. Use eye-catching packaging to immediately stand out to the customer.
  3. Use durable packaging materials so that the merchandise is secure and protected inside.
  4. Your packaging should reflect an extension of your brand and prompt a certain emotion.
  5. You can reduce a customer’s frustration by ensuring your packaging is easy to open.


Our San Francisco, CA design firm has worked with many companies to create packaging products that will appeal to the consumer's tastes and needs.

Some of the Companies We Have Worked with:

Our San Francisco design firm will work with you and your brand to create a package design that meets your company's needs. To learn more about our packaging design capabilities, contact our branding agency today!